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Eddie Bullock Appointed President of Golf At Goodwood

GoodwoodEddie Bullock has been appointed by Lord March as the Honorary President of Golf At Goodwood, having stepped down from his role as Non-Executive Director.

Bullock, who was Captain of the PGA from 2011 to 2013 and whose wealth of experience in the business of golf has seen him in many advisory roles across the sport, was on the Board of Directors at Goodwood for over seven years and during that time has seen the club evolve into a contemporary golf community.

Lord March said; “Eddie Bullock has been a Non-Executive Director of the Goodwood Estate Company for over seven years and his involvement with golf has seen the business grow significantly. I am delighted that he has agreed to become Honorary President of Golf At Goodwood and in that capacity he will continue to help and guide us to become one of the finest golf experiences in the UK. We are very grateful to Eddie for all he has done for us and much look forward to his continued involvement at Goodwood in his new role.”

Describing the appointment as “a great honour,” Bullock will be a linchpin of the organisation, representing Golf At Goodwood on his travels within the industry. He said; “Among the many advisory and supporting roles that I have done, this is undoubtedly the most prestigious. It was a great honour when Lord March invited me to become Honorary President and it is my aim to help Goodwood sustain its popularity, continue to evolve the playing experience and to make golf more attractive to a broader range of people.

“We want to back up our claims of being female and junior friendly with real experiences and make the place feel like a truly welcoming club for families. Goodwood feels like a part of my DNA and I am passionate about seeing the business grow.”

Stuart Gillett, General Manager of Golf and Leisure at Goodwood said; “Eddie has been instrumental in helping drive the vision of Golf At Goodwood forward.  I have found him a great ally in creating a very different culture and dynamic within the club. His desire to keep driving service standards is second to none and when coupled with his experience within golf has helped us forge a wonderful partnership that has arguably led to Golf At Goodwood being one of the best success stories within golf over the last 5 years.

“Within this new role he will continue to drive the profile of Golf At Goodwood and help us achieve the recognition we desire as a club and golf experience. From a personal point of view he has helped me progress into a more rounded manager and leader. This has helped me build a great team and we are both extremely proud of the progression the likes of Amy Yeates and Chris Fitt have had in their career after time at Goodwood.”

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