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Fife Golf Trust Seeks Chief Executive

Chief Executive Officer
The Fife Golf Trust

With the support of DPSM Consultants, the Fife Golf Trust is now seeking to recruit an experienced and dynamic Chief Executive Officer.

The Fife Golf Trust is a charitable trust established in April 2011, which is responsible for the operation and management of seven golf courses in Fife. As CEO of Fife Golf Trust, you will be responsible for the management of the operations of the Trust as well as setting its overall vision, planning and delivery. The role involves a high level of responsibility, with pivotal decision making affecting the future of the Trust and its many stakeholders and employees.

Applicants should possess and can demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Significant experience in managing short and long term Business Plans (Income and expenditure budgets) across diverse budgets and a track record of delivery
  • Strong financial management and interpretative skills. The ability to read P&L accounts and Balance Sheets is essential. Significant experience in setting budgets. Appropriate Management/Financial qualifications desirable
  • Comfortable presenting to groups as well as the media in written and verbal formats on all aspects of company business
  • Management and appropriate level HR skills, knowledge and training …HR qualifications desirable along with a demonstrable understanding of public sector ethos and values
  • Excellent demonstrable record of effective partnership working
  • IT skills – highly skilled and proficient in the use of relevant IT software and hardware. Experience of leading major change projects involving IT systems is desirable
  • A strong analytical mind-set with excellent numeracy skills and ability to provide ROI reports
  • Experience of developing marketing and sales strategies with a track record of success in revenue and participation
  • Clear understanding of course maintenance priorities for customer and awareness of environmental targets being set by leading golf operators.
  • Good understanding of golfer and club culture whilst recognising the barriers to progress. Awareness of the efforts being made by golfs governing bodies to deliver necessary change. Experience of successfully delivering changes that have faced resistance from cultural/traditional norms is desirable

Application Process:

To apply, please email a CV and supporting statement to Douglas Philip, Managing Director at DPSM Consultants via doug.philip@dpsmconsultants.com. Application deadline – 24th June 2022.

Douglas Philip | Director at DPSM

Email – doug.philip@dpsmconsultants.com

Mobile – +44 (0) 7399440403

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