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Findagolfcareer.com launches!

Find a Golf Career – It’s More Than Just a Game

Global golf industry jobsboard Findagolfcareer.com announces website launch

It is broadly estimated that around the world there are something like 60 million golfers who play regularly. In the UK alone there are reckoned to be around 4 million – this is a seriously popular sport!

To enable this great mass of people get the chance to enjoy their favourite pastime, a whole industry works away behind the scenes making it happen. A truly massive infrastructure exists; imagine just one golf club and the staff needed to keep things running smoothly: executives steering the ship, sales and marketing people on the commercial side of things, grounds staff keeping the courses pristine, the club shop, catering staff, bar staff, cleaners…


The industry is not just restricted to golf clubs and resorts either; there are also apparel and equipment manufacturers, the travel industry and retail outlets all over the world. The opportunities for taking up a career in the golf industry are immense, wide and varied.

Findagolfcareer.com is a new site run by veterans and fans of this great and thoroughly addictive sport. There is a truly breath-taking array of jobs on offer for anyone with experience of working in the golf industry and want to further their career, in the UK and worldwide; opportunities for those who have valuable experience in other industry sectors and wish to offer their skills to the golf industry; or young people just starting out who believe they have something the industry needs.

The company is based in Edinburgh; where else would it be? Scotland is, after all, the home of Golf. The history of golf is synonymous with Scotland – the game was first recorded being played there in the 15th Century. Since then many famous Scottish courses have come into being: Carnoustie, Royal Troon, Gleneagles and Muirfield are obvious examples. None are more famous than The Old Course at St Andrews where golf has been played since before 1574 and has become the pilgrimage that golfers around the world dream of making at least once.

PG Wodehouse once wrote: “To find a man’s true character, play golf with him.” For so many who swing a wood or iron, hoping to hear and feel that perfect connection, golf is so much more than just a game. For many it is the one thing they can enjoy being bad at.

For information on Findagolfcareer.com please visit their website at www.findagolfcareer.com

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