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Lundin Golf Club Seek New General Manager

General Manager

Lundin Golf Club, Fife, Scotland

Lundin Golf Club is a members’ golf club with a first class links course, based on the Fife coast. For a number of years, the Club hosted Final Qualifying for The Open Championship, continues to host the East of Scotland Amateur Championship and is one of Fife’s finest courses.

Lundin Golf Club has engaged DPSM Consultants to assist with the search for a new General Manager.

Main purpose of the job:

  • To have executive responsibility for all aspects of the administration of the Club and its premises within the framework of the Club’s business/strategic plan, policies, procedures, Constitution and budgets.
  • To contribute to the modernisation of the Club’s governance and operational practices.
  • To scope opportunities for financial efficiencies and growing revenue streams.
  • To action decisions of the Council in a timely, professional manner and to provide support as well as regular reporting to ensure delivery of KPI’s as defined in the Club’s business/strategic plan.
  • To achieve high performance from all staff by utilising effective leadership and management techniques, creating an efficient, coordinated and productive team.
  • To bring industry best practice to all areas of the Club’s activities and play a pivotal role in delivering the Club’s operational, financial and strategic goals.
  • To provide exceptional and consistent communication to the Club’s members and other key stakeholders.
  • To promote the Club externally and internally in a professional and friendly manner, enhancing the reputation of the Club.
  • To manage all aspects of the running of the Club on day to day basis.
  • To instill, encourage and promote a safe working environment using relevant legislation, best practice and through own actions and behaviour.

To apply, candidates should send an email with a covering letter highlighting your motivation for the role and relevant experience together with an up to date CV, details of your current remuneration and ability to relocate if necessary. 

Please contact Douglas Philip, Director at DPSM Consultants – doug.philip@dpsmconsultants.com 

Closing date for applications is 24th January 2022

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