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PGA Appoints Executive Director – Commercial

Hamish FergusonThe PGA has appointed Hamish Ferguson into the role of Executive Director – Commercial. This appointment follows on from the announcement last December where it was confirmed Deputy Chief Executive Robert Maxfield will succeed Sandy Jones as Chief Executive of The PGA when he steps down in 2017.

Hamish will assume commercial responsibility for The PGA – a role currently undertaken by Robert Maxfield.

Hamish brings a wealth of experience having successfully managed a number of hotels – notably Carden Park which he leaves after 20 years as general manager.

He has a proven track record of delivering exceptional financial performance at Carden Park and during his time at the Cheshire hotel he also supported and hosted many PGA tournaments including the PGA Professional Championship, the PGA Fourball Championship and five PGA Seniors Championships.

His key focus will be on delivering commercial value to The PGA through its world-renowned brand as well as assuming overall responsibility for the Association’s sponsorship at both national and regional level.

Delivering tournament sponsorship and commercial relationships is a key strategy to allow the Association to provide Member benefits and continued investment in Member service and support.

Hamish will join The PGA team from November 1.

David Murchie, Chairman of The PGA, commented: “With the announcement of Sandy stepping down and Rob succeeding him as Chief Executive of The Association, it was important that we recruited someone to carry out Rob’s previous responsibilities in the commercial area of our business. We are delighted that Hamish has accepted the opportunity to join The PGA team.”

Sandy Jones, Chief Executive commented. “It is essential that The PGA have a strong commercial strategy. Our commercial relationships are critical in allowing us to deliver Member benefits as well as providing us with the funds to support our Member support programs. Hamish has an excellent record in delivering results and we look forward to him joining The PGA team.”

Robert Maxfield, Deputy Chief Executive commented: “As I prepare to take over as Chief Executive from Sandy I am delighted that Hamish will be joining the team. Delivering value and support to PGA Members has always been at the heart of what we do and it is vital that we have commercial success to allow us to continue and build on support to PGA Members.”

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